The 12-step program

What is the 12-step program?
If you study the subject of dependency, compulsive behavior or psychosomatic complaints in detail, you’re not going to go very far. So I discovered to the 12-step program. This program has its origins in the self-experience of the persons affected. The 12 steps were elaborated by the founders of the Society of Alcoholics Anonymous in the thirties. The steps include a life-changing program that can be followed by the relatives of those affected, as well. This program has proven itself in the past few decades, and many clinics have adopted it as the basis for their therapeutic programs. At that time, however, the genetic predisposition of special sensitivity was unknown. SAG7 is the first 12-step program that addresses the suffering cause of people in mental crises.

If the 12-step program religiously bound?
At first it may seem religious, especially when terms like inner omnipotence or meditation emerge. You may find your own individual interpretation for yourself. Most people who begin to live with the 12 step program and don’t like the spiritual terms, may select replacement words – because all the steps are to be applied without any religious denomination. These steps are simple recommendations of how to learn to take its own feelings seriously again and to deliberately address these. For highly sensitive people have no biologically active filter against any kind of toxic influences. They are an early warning system of our species. The number of harmful factors for the life-sensitive beings within our human society have long exceeded the limit of what is tolerable for human beings. The program will, for instance, strengthen the sense of faith – the confidence – in the human basic characteristic of natural sensitivity.

How can I use the 12-step program for myself?
Only I can walk the path of the 12 steps for myself. Nobody can take it away from me, and I cannot do it for others. And I should follow the order of steps if possible, since the steps build on each other. A single reading of the steps will not suffice. I want to take time to empathize myself in the steps. This can take weeks, if not months, even years. The road with the 12 steps is a process that I may live through every day from the beginning. Only the first step is to be understood completely and unconditionally. The other steps are ideals that give the gift of joy and meaning in life, through self-discovery. To live and love consciously. In the now. At the beginning of our future!

SAG7 7-Stern

PLEASE give me

to accept the things that I can not change,

to change the things that I can accept,

and the WISDOM,
to know the difference.


SAG7 7-Stern

The 12 steps, 12 promises, and certain parts of the literature used herein were reprinted and adapted with the permission of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. – short A.A.W.S . The permission to reprint and adapt does not mean that A.A.W.S. is affiliated with this program. A.A. is exclusively a program for recovery from alcoholism. The use of modified A.A. Literature in connection with the developed SAG7 program that focuses on the area of human high sensitivity – short HSP – is unrelated with A.A., however not exclusive.