12 Folkways

  • 1
    Our common welfare comes first. The independent recovery depends on self-healing and unity in SAG7.
  • 2
    For the purpose of our group, there is only one authority: a Power greater than ourselves, as it reveals itself to our inner and outer nature and our community. We prevail not but accompany.
  • 3
    The only requirement for membership is a desire to get rid of fears and constraints and to use one’s own sensitivity for the protection of the natural balance of our planet. Thus, we can help ourselves and others to enjoy life more effectively.
  • 4
    Each group is autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or SAG7 as a whole.
  • 5
    The main task of each group is to live our message and to bring it to those who are still suffering with their abilities.
  • 6
    SAG7 doesn’t ever cover or support any winning or profit projects. Thus we prevent that finance, property or prestige diverts us from our primary purpose. The distribution of resources, cultural property made available by SAG7 is used solely to meet the non-profit association’s purpose, education and public relations.
  • 7
    Each SAG7 group maintains itself after the foundation phase and it doesn’t take support from the outside.
  • 8
    The activities and services in the SAG7 groups remain without payment. The central services, however, may employ special workers.
  • 9
    Sensible Anonymous groups should never be organized. However, they may form boards and committees that are responsible to those they serve.
  • 10
    SAG7 groups have no opinion on outside issues. A SAG7 group ought never to be drawn into public controversy.
  • 11
    Our contact with the public is based on synergy and attraction. That is why we want to maintain personal anonymity from press, radio, film and television at all times.
  • 12
    Anonymous equality is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions. It should always remind us of their deeper meaning, putting the principles of natural creation always above people.