12 Steps

  • 1
    I stop my resistance and admit that I am sensitive by nature and am afraid of showing it. From now on I will speak my thoughts and feelings openly and honestly.
  • 2
    I am thankful for my sensitivity and I believe and hope every day to be able to master my life through this new consciousness in a useful, healthy and independent way.
  • 3
    I am determined to distance myself from harmful influences. This way I can create the necessary space to unfold my genetic abilities and my natural sensitivity function.
  • 4
    I’m making a thorough and fearless moral inventory of my heart and think back to the basics in man and nature.
  • 5
    I confess my errors to myself as part of a learning process and accept it openly in another human beings.
  • 6
    Forgiveness and even justice clear my character flaws and living real sensitivity proves to be a wise healing gift of natural creation.
  • 7
    Iron will gives way to sensitive feelings.
  • 8
    I am willing to make amends to repair the damage caused by my careless behavior with human beings and nature.
  • 9
    If possible, I do well by the people around me and with nature, with empathy and a great deal of sensitivity and without thereby injuring myself or others.
  • 10
    In absolute honesty and absolute unselfishness, I continue my searching. If I am wrong, I admit it immediately.
  • 11
    Through meditation and contemplation, I immerse daily confidence in my inner omnipotence – just as I see it. I’m grateful that it lets me see its will and gives me the strength to carry it out.
  • 12
    After I am able to find myself through these steps, healing and recovery can take effect. I direct my daily life by these principles and live my destiny as a particularly sensitive creature in a new freedom and reality.