Only for today

Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow

There are two days in every week on which we should not worry. Two days we should keep clear of fear and oppression.

One of these two days is yesterday – with all its mistakes and cares, mental and physical pain. The yesterday we no longer have control of! All the money in the world can’t bring back yesterday: We can’t undo any fact that we’ve done. We can’t take back a word that we’ve said. Yesterday is over!

The other day we should not worry about is tomorrow – with its potential dangers, burdens, big promises and less good performances. Even tomorrow is not under our control.

Tomorrow the sun will still rise, either in its full splendor or behind a wall of clouds. But one thing is certain: it will rise

Until it comes up, we should not worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow is not yet born.

So only one day remains: TODAY

Everyone and all beings can only live in the now. When we collapse, it’s only because you and I unite the burden of these two awful eternities ~ Yesterday and Tomorrow ~ together. It is not the experience of today, which makes people go crazy, no. It is the remorse and bitterness for something that happened yesterday. Or the fear of what will happen tomorrow.

Only in the today, I want to try to live through this one day. I don’t want to immediately solve all the problems that have appeared in my life. I can do something for only 24 hours before the thought of having to do it for a lifetime scares me.

Just for today I want be happy. Most people are as happy as they really want to be.

Just for today I want to see the facts and not attempt to straighten everything according to my wishes. I want to take my luck just as it comes and act accordingly.

Just for today I want to try to strengthen my mind. I want to learn and do something useful. I want to read something that takes effort, leads me to think and forces me to concentrate.

Just for today I will exercise my soul in three ways:

  • I want to do good to nature or to someone, without expecting something in return.
  • I want to do at least one thing that I’ve always wanted to do, without hurting myself or someone else.
  • Should my feelings be hurt by something, I want, for the time being, to keep it to myself and exert myself in serenity.

Just for today I want to look pleasant. I want to look as good as possible, to dress myself neatly and cleanly, speak softly and act courteously. I don’t want improve or criticize others, only myself.

My program should be just for today. I do not need to follow it exactly. I want to be aware of the two evils: hurry and indecision.

Just for today I want to have a quiet half an hour for myself and relax. In that half hour I will try to gain a better perspective on my life.

Just for today I want to not be afraid. I don’t want to be afraid to enjoy what is beautiful. I want to believe that the world will give me back what I give to it.