The Meeting

If nothing else seems to help anymore, then the conversation with like-minded people can save the day.

For a highly sensitive who wants to live a happy, contented life, it is not enough to swallow drugs or to eliminate narcotics or to learn isolation and resilience. They need a spiritual program for a future life, tailored to their personal beliefs. People, who are equipped with special sensitivity, work as a safety device of creation and an early detector of toxic and harmful human influences. We see mental illness, allergies, cancer or psychosomatic complaints all as consequences of a lifestyle that is contrary to its own nature and genetic predisposition. There are many signs, degeneration results, and an indication that people are living in disharmony with the environment and nature.

The special feature of the meeting is the way people communicate with each other.

By maintaining anonymity the hierarchical structures of the world are meaningless. Highly sensitive people are all equal in their assessment. In the group, only the statement counts, not the person. We talk about everything that is important to us. But above all, about our feelings and thoughts. Maybe one is talking about the time of their life, when they were dependent on the boss or another is still suffering from a mental illness, because they could not accept themselves, or maybe of their future, living in a conscious way, a mindful and sober life, after they learned of having the possibility of free choice in the NOW. Current difficulties in one’s live are described as much as beautiful enjoyable moments. All issues that relate to our program are welcome. Here everyone is welcomed, if there is a desire to learn to live with the high sensitivity. Anyone who has something to say or ask, or wants to communicate with the group, can do so.

Here everyone speaks only for themselves and about oneself – his own feelings. Names are not mentioned, criticism is not practiced and advice is not to be granted. In the meetings, the sensible person develops the ability to recognize himself – through the openness and the honest confession of others. One learns to judge his own weaknesses, mistakes and ways and to finally reveal them. Thus, one learns his talents and to stand up for himself – “I am ….” – and at the same time ends his struggle and resistance to his environment, which has worked against him.

Another anonymous highly sensitive person will have had similar difficulties and can describe how he has dealt with them and what he’s doing differently today. The realization to not stand alone with this gift, with his thoughts and feelings, to be understood perhaps for the first time by like-minded people, is encouraging.

The examples of others who have found a new start in life, an awakening through an emotional realization from a seemingly hopeless situation, gives courage and hope.

The anonymous highly sensitive meet regularly to share their experiences and insights. The constant contact with each other, which is characterized by openness and honesty towards their own high sensitivity, increases the willingness to get to know themselves better, to accept, to trust and love. The suppressed, hidden in their own shadow, unfulfilled feelings of a community and honest friendship can break through the constant need for attention, acceptance, recognition, security and love. That’s what SAG7 means by the term, recovery: the personal design of your own life according to the genetic disposition.

The “New” is about consciously living in the here and now. Only in this day. Instead of having to fight against his own disposition and identity, it teaches one to enjoy life in this newly found freedom. This is a major challenge and often not easy. Especially as the systems of this world meet the needs of the majority and are so met for the less sensitive people.

Most highly sensitive people have often slipped into dependencies by blocking their disposition all along. Regardless of whether this is linked to addictive substances such as alcohol, nicotine, drugs or substances such as medicine, caffeine, sugar, etc.. Also, being addicted to money, work, games, computer, sex or other things is just another form of compulsive adaptation to the supposed affiliation to the society.

As soon as the like-minded person realizes that he no longer needs to fight his disposition, the urge and compulsion to want to get rid of something also disappears. So he stops to take refuge in an imagined worldview and to want to destroy himself. He realizes that he no longer has to numb his perceptions and his sensitive essence. The way out of the compulsive, dependent, unfree behavior is thus cleared.

And so, the highly sensitive person begins to straighten his confused thinking and unhappy feelings and to discover his true destiny. By using the 12-step program of SAG7, he learns slowly to become the person who can use his talents for his own benefit and for the benefit of mankind. These steps are recommendations through which one can learn to better cope with thoughts, feelings and this ability. Thus, one can live a more satisfying life and get to know a new freedom.

For the “newcomer” it is recommended to go regularly to SAG7 meetings in order to stay in touch with other highly sensitive people and learn from the recovery program.