Anonymity is very important for the SAG7 community for three reasons and therefore anchored in the » Twelfth Tradition.

Anyone who turns to SAG7 with a request for assistance must have the assurance that his identity, his history and his personal problems will remain within SAG7. That is why everyone is addressed by their first names and are not interested in the public position of others. There are neither documents required nor membership cards.

By preserving the anonymity of individuals to the public eye, especially in front of the media, no individual should be able to be profiled at the expense of the community, nor look for personal recognition or influence. This restriction serves to integrate the Community of sensitive-Anonymous Group 7, which can only exist as a whole. The community of SAG7 doesn’t put any persons or personalities in the foreground who live according to the program. It thus preservs its independence from the fate of individuals. Anonymity in dealing with the public insures protection of the individuals and the community from unwanted popularity.

By anonymity the hierarchical structures of the society are meaningless. Highly sensitive people are all equal in their disposition. In the group, the statement alone counts and not the person.

SAG7 7-Stern

What I see here,
what I hear here,
what I say here,
when I depart,
I leave it here!