The Self-Test

Deep in my heart, I think that I distract myself with dependency like behavior, so that I don’t have to express my true feelings and thoughts.



I have to constantly readjust, in order to be accepted by my fellow humans.



Often no one believes me that I can feel the slightest changes in my environment.



The moods of other people influence me.



I realize that I do a lot of things that cause me or others damage. And yet I keep on doing it just so I don’t have to deal consciously with myself.



I had at least once in my life, a phase in which I would have needed psychiatric or psychotherapeutic support, to be able to talk to someone about my feelings. I did not share the opinion of the specialist staff that I was mentally ill.



I often feel overwhelmed by the impressions of my environment and therefore I’ll retire for some time – either in a quiet room or in nature. The main thing is that everything is quiet.



I often listen to music, in order to perceive nothing else around me.



My feelings are mostly influenced by thoughts, fantasies and dreams that have nothing to do with the present.



I am very sensitive to caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, sugar, or other materials and substances.



Drugs work often work on me in a different way or stronger than on other people, in particular in terms of side effects.



Secretly, I hope to be able to cope with my life without any kind of distraction.



Although I can move freely, I have the feeling of being trapped in my own thoughts and feelings.



I often feel light, smells, scratchy fabrics or noises such as sirens or that whirring of a refrigerator much more intensely, compared to other people who notice it very little or not at all. I am often frightened of tardiness.



I always have to do everything perfectly. Mistakes are unthinkable for me.



Movies, television, newspaper reports and human quarrels disturb me so much that I can’t think of anything else. It makes me sad and angry at the same time.



I have a difficult time letting go of situations, people, activities and things.



Art and music sometimes touch me so much that I have doubts about the meaning of all life, but especially my own life.



It is difficult for me to prioritize and get things done in order of importance.



I would love to plunk everything down and just leave all the burden and responsibility behind me to be able to live my life in freedom and spontaneity for once.



In chaotic situations, I’m often the pillar of strength, but after some time when everything has quieted down and others have all but forgotten, the internal processing begins within me.



Coping with everyday life without the temporally taking of narcotic substances or living out extreme behavior is unthinkable for me.



I’m often drawn attention to for my age and my education level inappropriate and childlike playful behavior.



My fellow humans or relatives often find it difficult to understand my thoughts and feelings. As I also do.



I have at least the suspicion that physical discomfort is directly related with my mental overloading.



Religion interests me very little. My personal beliefs, on the other hand, very much.



I have a lively fantasy, which I often solve my daily problems in a paradoxical way without being actually operating.